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business rescue practitioner south africa

business rescue practitioner south africa If you want to get the best advice and information on business rescue practitioner south africa, you are at the right place. We have been the industry leading business rescue practitioner south africa since 1999, and we have helped thousands of clients. business rescue practitioner south africa will help you [...]

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Business Rescue Practitioners Insolsure

Business Rescue Practitioners What is business rescue. Business rescue practitioners is a legal process regulated by the Companies Act that allows for registered business rescue practitioners to turn around a company that is in a foreseeable financial distress and will be for the next 6 months The process of business rescue is an attempt to [...]

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insolvency act south africa

The insolvency act south africa The insolvency act south africa no 24 of 1936 regulates the process of Sequestration. It applies to insolvent estates, liquidated entities, The Master of the Court and it's curators as well as the rules of the Court Should you require any additional information on the insolvency act south africa, please [...]

Voluntary sequestration insolvency.Insolvency lawyer

What is Voluntary Sequestration Voluntary Sequestration furthermore also known as Insolvency is a legal remedy prescribed in the Insolvency Act. In this article we concentrate most notably on sequestration and in addition insolvency. Liquidation of companies information is slightly different and especially relevant information must be given. The Insolvency Act no 24 of 1936 states that [...]